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Japan issue promo CDs & records plus LDs, tour books, vintage posters & more!

Formed in 1994, Tokyo Music has over 53,000
Japanese issue rare, deleted and PROMO issue items
in stock. We specialise in promo issue CDs and
records, but also have over 1800 music laserdiscs,
over 700 Japanese tour books, 400 promotional
posters as well as box sets, merchandise, CD
singles, videos and LOTS more! All our items
are OFFICIAL Japanese record company items, we do
not sell bootleg or copies.

Japan PROMO issue CDs do NOT have any cut-outs,
or drill holes or any other damage! They always
include the same full artwork as the standard
issues. These great collectors items have
additional promo text factory printed around the
inner rim of the CD, and a small promo sticker on
the back inlay or back of the obi strip.

Discounts Available:
10% off items on orders 5 items or more - CDs only
10% off items on orders 3 items or more - Vinyl only
10% off items on orders 2 items or more - Program only
15% off items on orders 3 items or more - Laser Disc only

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